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Fushigi Yuugi
"This is the story of a girl who became the priestess of Suzaku,
and made her dreams come true..."

            Yuuki Miaka was just a normal junior high school girl, trying to get into a good high school when she came across a mysterious book in the Japanese National Library called The Universe of the Four Gods. The book transported her and her best friend Yui into the story, where Miaka met the boy of her dreams. Miaka became the Suzaku no Miko, or the Priestess of Suzaku, and her mission is to find the seven star warriors (Seishi) of Suzaku and summon Suzaku to make three wishes. However when Miaka falls in love with her seishi, Tamahome, and her best friend also falls into the story as her mortal enemy, Miaka finds herself torn between her friendship for Yui and her budding love for Tamahome...

Sweet Moments
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Passionate Kisses
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