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Meet the creators of Anime Kiss.

I admit it! I am a romantic... certified and card-carrying. I am not alone though! Here is a page where you can get to know a little about the contributers of this page.


Who am I?: The creator of this site and ring.
Better know as... Ssaturne, Chinadoll, Carebear, sailorsaturne, ks1184 etc..
DOB: 12/30/75
Marriage Status: Single
Day Job: Student
Likes: Anime, Manga, Writting, Drawing, Music.
Dislikes: Annoying people, Ignorance, People who don't e-mail you back.
Hobbies: See likes. Mountain climbing and hikeing.
Favorite Series: Ranma 1/2, Fatal Fury, Voltron, and Maison Ikkoku.
What I like in a man: Strength (physical and emotional), affectionate without being corny and clingy. I want a man who can understand and join in on my passion for anime, but also a man who is independent and will respect my indendence. A great sence of humor is always a plus.
Ideal Anime man: I think Ranma Saotome has a lot of potential... honest.