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Ranma and Akane

Ranma 1/2

Poor Ranma... As if his little "curse" wasn't enough, he's got a father who will sell his hand in marriage for food anytime and anyplace. As a martial artist, he was trained at an early age to handle just about any fight that came his way... and you know, he's pretty good. Unfortunately all the martial arts training in the world won't do you a bit of good when you have three fiancees.

One is a Chinese Amazon who has her sights on Ranma because of her Amazon laws. Another is his childhood friend, someone he thought was a boy until recently. The third...

Well the third is Akane. A girl whose father made the engagement before Akane and Ranma were even born. She's a martial artist whose extremely strong when angered.

As Ranma would say... "She can't cook... She'd rather kill you than kiss you. She built like a brick and as volatile as a gorilla!"

"...but she is really cute when she smiles."

...but she's so cute when she smiles

A few of the calmer moments for Ranma and Akane.

Heeeerrreeee's Ranma!Meet Ranma.A gift for Akane.A moonlight hugRanma protecting Akane.Oh so sexyWow!Ranma protected Akane yet again... Is that a gift for Ranma?Fireworks.Ranma's a bit surprised...Kiss her you fool...!The kiss!Ranma and Akane, to the prom?A romantic vision...Ranma and JulietThe couple watching the sunset.The wedding...?

See... they do get along... sometimes.

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