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Anime Couples that are taken...

SailorSaturne has...
-Fushigi Yuugi's Miaka and Tomahome.
-Sailor Moon's Usagi and Mamoru.
-Ranma 1/2's Akane and Ranma.

Sailor Mercury (aoi37) has...
-Aa! My Goddess's Keichi and Belldandy.
-Maison Ikkoku's Kyoko and Yusaku.
-Fatal Fury's Mai and Andy.

Other Possible Couples.

-Magic Knight Rayearth's Fuu and Ferio or Esmerade and Zagato.

-Orange Road.

-Urusei Yatsura (sp?) (Good luck!)

-Macross (pick a couple... any couple)

-Escaflowne's Hitomi and Vaan.

-Any other manga and/or anime couple you can think of.

Would you like to join? Here are the rules...

1) You must have an e-mail site.

2) You must have enouph space (memory) on a web-page or a new page for your site. If you start a new site choose an Anime character of whom you have access to a SB (small body) picture of. (Perferibly from Sailor Moon, I have pictures of all the scouts so if you want to use it let me know.) Do not use a character already in use. This will be used for linking menus.

3) Choose a couple in anime of whom...
- is a couple in anime and manga. (do not invent couples)
- is not taken by another person. (see side bar for details)
- the couple must have plenty of availible pictures at least. Fanfiction is optional but appreciated.

4) Give credit where credit is do.

5) You can have sexy stuff, just no hentai! I want to keep it respectable.

6) If you need help, ask me. I will help you find pictures and information if you want.

7) You must link all other sites to your menu.

Do you agree with the above and wish to join? E-mail me at...

P.S. Some hints and tricks.

If you want to build a good and easily accessable website, here are a few tricks to help you out!

1) Don't be afraid to explore the web for backgrounds and icons. There are a few sites around that have things to help build a beautiful site... but some would like you to credit them. So do so.

2) Thumbnails, Thumbnails, THUMBNAILS!!! I know they are a pain to build but your visitor will be pleased and will return because you took the time.

3) I take care of the advertisement for this page, but it is always a good idea to advertise. How else is anyone to know you exist?

4) Make sure your links are visible and try to make a menu or back link for every page for easy surfing.

5) If you do use a fancy background MAKE SURE YOUR TEXT IS VISIBLE! There's nothing like trying to strain your eyes to read a page when the text is bad.

6) Try to visit your own site often. This will give you an idea as to whether all your links and pictures are working properly.

7) Here's a little hint on backgrounds... Try to pick a background that doesn't interfere with your text and pictures. You may even want to pick a background that matches your main picture. This will not only help with the over-all asthetic quality of your page, but it will also make it easier to read your text.

Well that's it for now... Happy Building!