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All 15-year-old Hitomi wanted was her first kiss. She made a bet with an upperclassman that if she could run 100 meters in 13 seconds, he would kiss her.

Instead of her first kiss, she met Vaan, a young prince from the strange world of Gaia. Vaan took her with him to Escaflowne, where Hitomi's strange gift of fortuntelling was a valuable asset against those who would concer Gaia.

Vaan was borish and insensitive, and protective to a fault... Not at all the type of boy Hitomi would fall for. Vaan did love Hitomi, with all his heart, and he was forced to watch as Hitomi's relationship with the older, dashing Allan, played itself out.

Just as the war came to an end, Hitomi found that she could love Vaan... But just as she realised her love for him, it was time to say goodbye...

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